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Casino Basics: Can You Beat the Casinos?

A casino is a business establishment. No matter what a business is, it has only one goal: to make money. For this simple reason, it should be obvious that no casino is designed to be beaten. If it were, the casino would lose money and go out of business.

However that does not mean that no one EVER wins in a casino. Truth to tell, there are successful gamblers cashing in those lovely black chips every day. But these are typically expert gamblers who gamble for a living. Do casinos worry about them? Not really. Such professional gamblers are so few and far in between that they do not hurt the casino business on the whole. There are so outnumbered by losing comps (loyal casino customers who get tons of loyalty points or freebies) the casinos don't notice that they're making money.

How does a casino make sure it doesn't lose money?

Contrary to what you may think, it is not done through cheating. Rather, the secret is in the games that you can play in the casino. Every gambling game in a casino has odds in favor of the house. The way the game is designed and the casino rules make the average player lose more money than they gain.

A game of chance like Roulette is an example of this. There are 36 numbers there plus 0 and 00. Those two zeroes are there for a reason: they give the casino more than a 5% advantage over the player. Other games in the house have such a high casino edge that even the best gamblers are bound to lose no matter how well they play.

A casino's betting terms (known as "wager requirements") further increase the house edge against the player. For example, you will see minimum and maximum bets per table in a casino. Such capping on wagers makes it hard for gamblers using a betting system where the bets need to be multiplied. I

How can a gambler win against the casinos?

As already said, no one can beat the casinos badly enough to shut it down (which they don't want, anyway). But while it is impossible to win the war, it is a fact that you can many a battle. You can loot certain areas of the casino fortress if you know how.

To maximize your chances of winning, first choose a game that you can win. Know which games have low HA (house advantage) and which don't. Learn the rules of a game and what its odds are for the house. Then through correct strategy you must reduce the house advantage to as small as possible, if not zero. Further, bonus money such as you get when you sign up with an online casino presents a wonderful strategy for winning using the casino's own resources. Use it to add bulk to your bankroll, and with patience and intelligent play, you will see profit in due time.

Eventually, with discipline and diligence, you will be making huge profits from your gambling. You cannot bring the house down, but if you make money from it, why would you want to do thatů?

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